Monday, April 11, 2011

First Blog entry

This is my first blog entry on this site. On the left side you can find entries about school visits (I hope there are going to be many) and couch surfing ( experiences. On the right side is the actual weather in New York and the total of my page views and you can also share blog entries over Facebook, Twitter or email. 
There are different goals I would like to attempt. As I already visited the United States of America, I adapted an American accent which needs to be perfected. My reading and speaking is not as fluent as I wish it to be and I am sure that I am going to improve that while living two months in New York. Furthermore, I believe that a teacher of English is more believable if he can implement some personal stories and experiences while teaching. 
I still have not given up on the thought that I could find a job in the United States. I will ask in restaurants, small stores or schools if there is work for me. If any of you, dear readers, know anyone who owns a restaurant, a little office or is CEO of a major company in New York (or close by), feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

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