Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Never miss a post - use an RSS Reader

With over 184 Million blogs worldwide (count 2008), it is difficult to maintain an overview of the blog one is currently reading. There is a possibility how to stay up to date with all the different blogs. It is called Really Simple Syndication, more known as RSS. The RSS Format shows text and pictures in a very simple layout, which can be imported to an RSS Reader or an email application as Apple Mail or Microsoft Outlook. One sees a new blog entry almost as if receiving a new email.

In order to obtain the so called RSS Feed in your email, following needs to be done:

1. A click on the blue RSS-button on the right hand side of the URL.
2. A click on Actions - Subscribe in Mail
3. The posts are now in the email application and a new post looks like a new email.

If one wants to use the email application for email only, the download of a dedicated RSS Reader is necessary. Good RSS Readers are NetNewsWire or Reeder.

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