Friday, August 19, 2011

Another Indian Week

This is one of my last blog posts in this particular blog. As my stay abroad comes to an end, I will not be writing on this blog anymore. But I will still post another two or three blog posts. So, keep posted!

Before going back to work with Reto Stuber, I was allowed to stay once more in the upper east side with Nikhil Mahen and on the upper west side with Yatish Uchil. You might remember those guys from previous blog posts. I cooked a Swiss dish at Nikhil's and at Yatish's place. Unfortunately, the Röschti (hash browns) and Züri Gschnätzlets (Veal chopped the Zurich style) did not turn out to be good both times. It turned out to be really delicious when I made it at Nikhil's apartment. The time I made it for Yatish and his roommates, it turned out to be really flavorless and tasteless. The upside of this mishap is that I have the chance to make it up to them when he and his roommate will come to visit me in Berne next February.

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