Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oops... Bummer..!

Instead of posting another video blogpost, I have to inform everyone that I have most probably lost my phone. It must have slipped out of my pocket this morning around 5.30am in the cab. Even though I called the company and they asked the driver (he said he did not find it), the phone has already been turned off.

With the "Find My iPhone"-app from Apple on my iPad, I sent a remote lock on my phone. In addition, I sent an order to the phone to let it ring at full volume and to show this message:

I ve lost my phone... please contact me on 347-649-4394...

It is a pitty because not only will I have to buy a new phone, order a Sim-Card, and deal with a lot of bureaucratic bs, I also lost all the photo and video footage from New Orleans.

I am on the Bus in direction of Phoenix, AZ, and try to organize everything as good as possible. I do not have the possibility to check my big rucksack if I have put my phone in there by accident. The rucksack is located underneath the bus and is unavailable until Houston, TX. There is a slight chance that I have put it in the rucksack, but I am most certain that I did not.

Please note: I will not be able to respond to any call, message or Whatsapp-message until further notice. You can still reach me over all different Social Media plattforms or my US cellphone.

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  1. Right..?!? I could have waited to lose it until the new one was out..!