Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Phoenix, AZ

There were different reasons why I wanted to go to Phoenix, AZ. I was really looking forward to seeing all my friends again that I've met five years ago, and I also wanted to surprise my uncle by showing up unexpectedly. In addition, I wanted to experience the heat in Phoenix in summer.

I arrived in the afternoon at the Greyhound station in Phoenix. I was wearing long linen pants and a sweater because Greyhound drivers tend to turn up the air conditioning as much as they can. So I stepped off the cool bus in Phoenix and the outside temperature stroke me with its 112 degrees Fahrenheit (over 44 degrees Celsius). As my friend Lhyn was still working, she sent a friend of hers to pick me up. In an air-conditioned car he took me to the dental clinic where Lhyn was working. From there we drove back to her house which is in Goodyear, in the south-west part of Phoenix.

Soon after we arrived, her three year old son AJ and her husband Daniel arrived. After going shopping for groceries, we lit the grill and ate delicious steak and corn. Daniel took me out with another friend of ours, Eric. We went to various local clubs in Goodyear and ended up in Eric's favorite, the Lighthouse. I liked the Lighthouse as well, because it is very laid back and they have pool tables and karaoke. I excused myself from the karaoke and tried my luck at on the pool table. Even though pool is not my strong suit I enjoyed the night out.

Trying my luck at the pool table

The next day was rather expensive: As I had lost my iPhone in New Orleans, I wanted buy a new one in the States. Because of the Dollar rate and Apple products being cheaper here, I decided to buy an unlocked white iPhone. Even though it is expensive, I wanted to have an iPhone again. Also, I had the chance to have lunch at a In n' Out Burgers. It is my favorite burger chain!

In n' Out Burgers

In the evening, I learned that in order to be allowed in in certain clubs, the Swiss picture ID is not enough. So Daniel's friend Vance had to drive me back to the apartment to get my passport. We went to different bars only to end up in the Lighthouse again. It was another great night, which made the day even more expensive, but we enjoyed ourselfes a lot.

Lhyn and Daniel, ready for the clubs

The third day included two very American things, one of them being Laser Tag. Laser Tag is a game where one has to tag other people with a laser gun. After five minutes, we where all very into it and it was one of the best work outs I had in my life. Actually, as I am writing this, three days later, I still have sore muscles.
The other American thing was a house party, including "Beer Pong", a game which I am apparently very good at. We had another great evening at Vance's house that ended with enthusiastic discussions with Eric at around 5am.

Eric and I playing "Beer Pong"

The next day was a very lazy day before I ended up going to the airport. The plane left at 10.30pm and landed approximately four and a half hours later at 6am in New York. The math actually adds up if one takes into account the time difference. So after arriving at JFK Airport I went to Nikhil's place where I am allowed to stay another couple of nights. I slept the whole day until 5pm because after the last few nights I was really in need of some sleep. When Nikhil came back, we decided to cook an Indian dish called Butter Chicken. I wrote down the recipe and it will be in my next blog post.

Thanks to all of you guys in Phoenix! I had a great time!

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